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     Thank you for visiting the New Creation Web site. We are a Community of Catholics and Christians of other Traditions. We believe, by working together as brothers and sisters, that we live our Christian call to holiness more deeply.               
 "Through the charisms and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to two areas of Christian life to build up the Church. The first is our desire to bring every baptized Christian into the fullness of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second is to work toward the full communion of the Body of Christ - the Church.                  

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OUR CALL         

We, the members of New Creation Community, desire to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. As a Christian, charismatic, covenant community, under the auspices of the Catholic Church, as pastored by the Bishop of Richmond, we believe God the Father has called us together through Jesus Christ to live as brothers and sisters, committed to encouraging  each other to love the Lord above all else, serving  Him together in unity and love, with a devotion and reliance upon the Holy Spirit and His gifts.





Saturday, December 13 from 9 a.m. until Noon

New Creation Renewal Center: 1600 Elbow Road; Chesapeake, VA.





 Here is a poem that Cheryl wrote RIGHT FOR LIFE.  Thus poem is so moving that while it is a poem it is truly a PRAYER and there is no doubt that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit..




Lord , so much has been going on

I am feeling out of sort

I really really appreciate

You holding down the fort


No matter what goes on in life

I know that you are there

I just need to do my part

And know how much you care


You are always on my mind

You give me all my strength

You love is so encompassing

There is no measuring it by length


The main thing you have taught me

Is that I am not alone

No matter what goes on in life

You are closer than my phone


So Thank you Lord for loving me

So much you gave your life

And thank you for your guidance

So for you I'll give my life


yekarah 10/26/2014

Community and Awakening the Domestic Church

By Geriann Wentworth

At our last Prayer Meeting, Patrick Morrison, Assistant Moderator for Community Life, challenged us to ask the question ”Which community?” rather than the more common question “Why community? He explained how everyone has been part of some form of community throughout their lives: sports, clubs, various organizations, parishes, school and workplace.  Patrick shared that we can also experience a form of community at the local bar “where everyone knows our name” and that even gangs share a sense of community among their members.

 Patrick pointed out that since we tend to be like those we hang with, which community we choose to be a part of is crucial to our spiritual growth as Christians. As members of New Creation Community, we strive to follow the call to be “a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people set apart” (1Pet 2:9). We are to live our lives as a loving witness of Christ’s love, without blending in with secular society. But we cannot do this alone.

 Patrick shared a statistic from Forming Intentional Disciples by Sherry Weddell that only 30% of Americans who were raised Catholic are still practicing their faith. He also quoted Cardinal Rylko, president of the Pontifical Council for the Laity:

“The Christian family is no longer capable on its own of passing on the faith to the next generation and neither is the parish, even though it continues to be the indispensable structure for the Church’s pastoral mission in any given place.”

 Raising children in a Christian home is not enough thus the need for covenant community where relationships are the key. Patrick explained that we are like an extended family. We provide prayer support and loving service to one another, Christian formation and outreach along with openness to the Holy Spirit needed to help us be faithful followers of Christ who can pass the faith to the next generation.  Patrick then shared some personal testimony of how community has been beneficial to him and his family and pointed out some of the practical ways we love and serve each other in New Creation. He discussed the leadership structure and commitments of our community and concluded by inviting guests interested in learning more to be part of the Newcomer’s Foundation HFG. After the meeting we had a session for new folks to learn more about New Creation.

A few weeks after Patrick’s talk, our community had the privilege of participating in the Awakening the Domestic Church Conference featuring Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the papal household. Father is 80 now and this trip was difficult and tiring for him, but when he shared about Baptism in the Holy Spirit his face lit up with pure joy. His smile was contagious. He emphasized the importance of Baptism in the Holy Spirit to change and empower us to be faithful Christian witnesses in the world today. He shared numerous personal testimonies of how the Holy Spirit has impacted his life and set his heart on fire with love of Jesus. It was a blessing to be able to hear him share his stories especially after learning that this will most likely be his last visit to the states.

Throughout the conference we were encouraged to remember when we first encountered the Holy Spirit and a greater desire for more of the Spirit’s love and power was rekindled in many of us. We had the opportunity to hear many inspiring talks, enjoy beautiful worship and liturgy together and meet community members and other Christian groups locally and  from across the country. We also enjoyed the many wonderful products Christian vendors displayed for us during the weekend.  It was wonderful to have Bishop Emeritus Robert Hermann of the Archdiocese of St. Louis celebrate the closing liturgy. His love of the Holy Spirit was evident to all. We were so impressed by the young people from Alleluia Community who served at the conference in various capacities. Their prayer teams were amazing! All of us who worked with them were blessed and energized.

 We have begun to hear testimonies of God’s healing grace. At the healing service Saturday night a woman shared that a cataract in her eye was healed, others were healed of back and neck pain, others received an infilling of the Spirit and the gift of tongues. One woman was healed of hand pain and was overwhelmed by God’s love for her even though she was at first unbelieving. A member of our community was healed of back pain and was overjoyed that her depression was gone. Another member of our community could not make it to the weekend due to severe knee pain but had the courage to believe that God could heal him at home. By Sunday night he was pain free. Another member received prayer for an inflammatory eye condition and was told by the doctor on Tuesday that this was the best she had ever seen her eyes and was amazed that even inflammatory blood vessels were receding. There were also powerful testimonies of forgiveness and reconciliation among individuals and groups.  I am sure that we will hear more good news in the coming days!

Chuck Hornsby from Alleluia Community summed up the conference by presenting us with four images to take home.  First was a mirror to remind us what life would be like for us without Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second image was a tuning fork to remind us that we are made to hear from God and need to tune in to the Holy Spirit and follow His lead. The third image was a pair of sandals to remind us that Jesus is near and we need to be ready and waiting so we don’t miss encountering Him in our daily lives. The last image was of a big barrel used to go over Niagara Falls that he reminded us we no longer need because we have been empowered to flow in the joy and freedom of the Holy Spirit.

We are all grateful to Deacon Darrell for making this conference possible. He states emphatically that he could not have done this without the Holy Spirit and the tireless efforts of so many community members, and good friends within the Diocese of Richmond and the Catholic Fraternity communities in North America all working together.

Now we joyfully anticipate our upcoming Pentecost Celebration on Sunday June 8th at St. Stephen Martyr Parish in Chesapeake. Let us have expectant faith as we pray and prepare to celebrate the birth of the Church.

Come Holy Spirit!!!


By Ron Hughes


 "Resistance and surrender are at the heart of the Christian life..." 

Ralph Martin, Hungry For God

"Before two Christians become husband and wife, they are brother and sister in the Lord. Christian marriage is something that takes place between two of the Lord's disciples who have passed with him from death to life.  Even after they marry, that remains their most fundamental relationship, and its strength will affect their unity as a couple."

 Ralph Martin, Husbands, Wives, Parents, Children

"God sends his word to us as he sent it to Abram to reveal himself, to transfor us, to create for himself a people."  George Martin, Reading God's Word Today

"The most practical step we can take to read the Bible as God's word to us is to commit ourselves to reading it every day."  George Martin, Reading God's Word Today

Men's Move Nite, 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 14, New Creation Renewal Center


  EStablishing Formation

    By Terry Hughes


     The Fathers Always Knew Best 

To praise oneself is a hateful bragging.  Yet it may not be bragging, but gratitude,

 to recall what is attributed not to the virtue of man, but to the blessing of God.

          St Cyprian Carthage


 Nourishing Your Marriage

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