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Christian Community Formation

  The next Formation Class    Series begins April 27, 2014. Please contact Mrs. Terry Hughes for details at         757-588-1496


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     Thank you for visiting the New Creation Web site. We are a Community of Catholics and Christians of other Traditions. We believe, by working together as brothers and sisters, that we live our Christian call to holiness more deeply.               
 "Through the charisms and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we are committed to two areas of Christian life to build up the Church. The first is our desire to bring every baptized Christian into the fullness of Baptism in the Holy Spirit. The second is to work toward the full communion of the Body of Christ - the Church.                  

We would love to hear from you and invite you to check us out by attending one of the events we sponsor. Thank you and may God anoint your life in Christ.                                            


OUR CALL         

We, the members of New Creation Community, desire to love God with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. As a Christian, charismatic, covenant community, under the auspices of the Catholic Church, as pastored by the Bishop of Richmond, we believe God the Father has called us together through Jesus Christ to live as brothers and sisters, committed to encouraging  each other to love the Lord above all else, serving  Him together in unity and love, with a devotion and reliance upon the Holy Spirit and His gifts.


Awakening the Domestic Church
Conference - May2-4, 2014


        Fr.Cantalamessa Schedule

You won't be able to register for the Healing service until Mercy Sunday which is April 27, 2014

 Here is a poem that Cheryl wrote RIGHT FOR LIFE.  Thus poem is so moving that while it is a poem it is truly a PRAYER and there is no doubt that it was inspired by the Holy Spirit..



Pray for Life


Today there is a mother

Who is making a bad choice

Endangering her baby

And she needs your voice


She is so confused

And knows not what she does

Please help her choose

That which IS not WAS


She really doesn't understand

What is wrong or right

She isn't thinking clearly

Of reality she lost sight


She is consumed in desperation

No one has offered hope

Please pray for life

And the ability to cope


Pray that hearts are changed

Pray she sees the light

Pray her baby lives

With all God's love in sight


yekarah 3/20/2014


Keep Your Light Burning

By Geriann Wentworth

“Pay your sacrifice of thanksgiving to God

And render him your votive offerings.

Call on me in the day of distress.

I will free you and you shall honor me.”

Ps 50:14, 15


            As I read these verses, images of flickering red votive candles flashed in my mind.  When I was a little girl, I spent two weeks at my grandmother’s house in Brooklyn almost every summer. We would attend daily Mass at St. Jerome’s a few blocks down the street. After Mass, my grandmother would hand me some quarters so I could light votive candles. This was one of my favorite things to do and I knew it was important.  On Tuesdays, she took me to St. Francis Monastery in the city for Mass and confession. The Friars walking around in their long robes and sandals intrigued me! My grandmother told me they were good confessors.

 In the basement there were several alcoves each containing a statue of a particular saint. Each alcove also had its own set of votives. My favorite alcove held a wax- likeness of the incorrupt body of St. Bernadette of Lourdes enclosed in a glass case. Since she was my favorite, I always saved her for last so I could pray there longer. I would curiously watch others fervently asking the intercession of their favorite saint. Sometimes an elderly person, usually a woman, would make a reverent gesture such as lovingly touching the feet of the saint or kissing the hands as if the saint was a close friend. I remember wanting to love like that.

            We also visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral. My favorite alcove there held a statue of the Infant of Prague. Many people prayed at that alcove and I remember thinking he must be very powerful.

            The most memorable shrine we visited was St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. We visited my Aunt, a nun assigned to the motherhouse in Halifax. She and some of the other sisters took us to see the Oratory. There were many steps up to the front entrance.  I can close my eyes and remember the moment I entered: the long marble corridor, echoes of footsteps and hushed voices, flickering candle light and the smell of burning wax, the enormous walls and sky-high ceiling. As we quietly walked along the corridor, the nun beside me tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to the wall. Upon further inspection, I realized that what I initially thought was the wall was something much more. I observed old crutches of various sizes, worn leather and metal back braces, leg braces, neck braces, all sorts of orthopedic shoes, baby shoes with braces, canes of all sizes, leg casts, upper body casts, and walkers lining the walls from top to bottom. The nun explained that people who had been miraculously healed through the prayers of Brother Andre (now Saint Andre) left these things here with notes of praise and thanksgiving to God: so very many sacrifices of thanksgiving! I had never seen anything like this nor have I since then. I will never forget this truly awe-inspiring experience.

Let us consider making our lives a votive offering to God this Lent. Let us consider filling our hearts with notes of praise and thanksgiving to God.  Then let us attach these notes to the things from which we have been freed and share our story so none of us will ever forget God’s goodness.  

            When we call on our Heavenly Father in our distress and surrender to him with thanksgiving all that burdens us, he will free us from all that hinders. Our hearts will become like living votive offerings flickering in honor of the Lord and others will be attracted to that light.

 During this Lent, let us continually practice the discipline of praise and thanksgiving to keep our light burning for the Lord who loved us unto death and to enable those who live in darkness find their way home to his love.


By Ron Hughes


 "Resistance and surrender are at the heart of the Christian life..." 

Ralph Martin, Hungry For God

"Before two Christians become husband and wife, they are brother and sister in the Lord. Christian marriage is something that takes place between two of the Lord's disciples who have passed with him from death to life.  Even after they marry, that remains their most fundamental relationship, and its strength will affect their unity as a couple."

 Ralph Martin, Husbands, Wives, Parents, Children

"God sends his word to us as he sent it to Abram to reveal himself, to transfor us, to create for himself a people."  George Martin, Reading God's Word Today

"The most practical step we can take to read the Bible as God's word to us is to commit ourselves to reading it every day."  George Martin, Reading God's Word Today

Men's Move Nite, 7:30 p.m., Friday, March 14, New Creation Renewal Center


  EStablishing Formation

    By Terry Hughes


     The Fathers Always Knew Best 

To praise oneself is a hateful bragging.  Yet it may not be bragging, but gratitude,

 to recall what is attributed not to the virtue of man, but to the blessing of God.

          St Cyprian Carthage


 Nourishing Your Marriage

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